Friday, May 18, 2007

Blogging in the Air at Swansea University

Those of you who haven't seen the Universities "latest news" web page will have missed the article about Professor Paul Brain (from Biological Sciences) and his Blog.

We have been talking about Blogging for a while, what a Blog is, different ways in which you can set one up, and how they can be used both for personal and educational benefit and fun.

There are a number of staff at the University who have Blogs, Chris Jobling with his Fresh and Crispy blog, Rita Kop with her u-learnspace blog, and Sonja and Liz's knitting for peace blog are just a few around.

Both Professor Brain, and Sonja attended the March "Lunch and Learn" SDU session "Enter the Blogosphere". Professor Brain has been blogging ever since, he provides a rich experience with very interesting posts full of vibrant images.

Sonja and Liz kept an interesting blog "as a way of letting off steam and supporting our own mental health", when they were doing research for the Mental Health Foundation on the West Bank and Gaza strip during April.

There are bound to be more bloggers around, if you wish to share your Blog address, or have anything else to say, please leave a comment.

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At 8:04 am, Anonymous Paul L. Latreille said...

My blog has some (not entirely random?) thoughts on various teaching/learning issues... Find it at:

Unfortunately I've had to turn off the facility for those not registered on the system to leave comments due to the large volume of blogspam I was receiving, but I'd be very happy if people want to e-mail me ( :-)

At 10:51 am, Blogger trickinicki said...

Thanks for sharing your Blog Paul!

The brilliant thing about Blogs, as i've found over the years is that theres not just one way of using them. You can use a Blog for whatever you want, and even when people are using Blogs for the same general purpose they may be so utterly different.

Personalities really shine through in what people write.

Yes, unfortunately SPAM is a real issue in the world these days.


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